What is Clean Eating? And Why You Should Do It.

Discover what the term Clean Eating actually means, how it's a lifestyle and not just a diet, how you can incorporate it into your life (even if you're super busy) and the health benefits it can bring.


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What is Clean Eating?

Clean Eating is a lifestyle approach to food that emphasizes consuming whole, minimally processed foods in their most natural state, eating as close to nature as possible, as often as you can.

There's no dietary preference when you're Clean Eating, you're not called on to be vegan - you certainly can be if you want, you can be vegetarian, you can eat meat, fish, seafood ... or not, be dairy or non-dairy. Are you paleo, keto, FODMAP or anything else? All of it is totally fine.

Whatever dietary preference you choose, all you need to do is Eat Clean within that choice. There's no judgement or banging on about what diet's better than the other. Just choose foods as close to nature as possible, in their most natural and wholesome state or as close to that as you can. You're then going to eat those foods as often as you can, ideally 80%-90% of the time.

What You Should Avoid

That means you're avoiding (whenever possible) highly processed food, most packaged food, foods with additives, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours, hormones, antibiotics refined sugars, sweetners, syrups, GMO food, trans fats and bad fats and any other unhealthy and unnatural ingredient.

You'll also be avoiding chemicals and toxins (as best as you can) both in the food you eat and in the kitchen with how you cook, store and prepare it. These can come in the form of pesticides, sprays, fungicides and pathogens on food. Then theres the chemicals that can leach into your food such as the 'forever chemicals' found in non-stick coatings on cookware, BPA chemicals in plastics, aluminum in tin foil, chemicals in grease proof paper, cling wrap, silicone products and takeaway food packaging .

I get it's a lot to take in!! We live in a highly toxic and chemical laden world, but we can do our best to eat as healthy as possible if we know how to source our food, how to prepare, cook and store it and what to avoid. And this blog is dedicated to helping you with that.

Healthier Body

The cleaner and more wholesome your way of eating is, the healthier and more vibrant you become. I'm not saying that by Clean Eating you're going to be cured of all your health issues - everyone's journey and health issues are different, I'm not a doctor and this isn't medical advice - however, by embracing a Clean Eating lifestyle you're going to have a positive impact on your health and on the health of your loved ones; if you're trying to help them too.

Creating A Lifestyle

Clean Eating becomes a lifestyle because there's a fair amount of education and knowledge behind the concept. Once you understand why Clean Eating is so important to our health and quality of life how do you go back to eating foods you know are toxic to your body, accelerate the ageing process, take your energy, rob you of sleep and give you health issues?

Once you truly embrace Clean Eating, you'll be loving the foods and their benefits. Sure, you may fall off the wagon here and there - I know I have!! You just get back into it as soon as you're ready. The key to success (especially if you're starting out) is to have a weekly 90/10 rule; 90% of the time is Clean Eating and 10% is kept for some kind of treat or meal.

This balance allows you to enjoy the benefits of Clean Eating while still indulging in your favorite foods occasionally, helping you transform into a healthy lifestyle that you can maintain consistently.