5 Tips for Starting Your Clean Eating Journey

Discover how to transition to a Clean Eating lifestyle with these 5 simple and essential tips. These tips are designed to get you thinking about Clean Eating and slowly incorporate them into your life.


6/17/20243 min read

Transitioning to clean eating can seem quite daunting. It is actually a big deal to change a way of eating that you've been used to for a long time and probably love. However, By making small, manageable and consistent changes, you can smoothly move into a cleaner way of eating and significantly improve your health and vitality over time.

Here are five practical tips to help you get started on your clean eating journey.

1. Start Simple and Gradual

Begin your clean eating journey by making small, manageable changes to your diet. Start by incorporating more whole fruits and vegetables into your meals and gradually reduce processed foods. How can you add more fresh food into what you typically eat in a day and what processed food could you do without in a day?

If you buy a lot of takeaway and fast food, start by cutting back on the amount of times you do this during the week - even if you can aim for one less time you buy takeaway food during the week and replace it with a home cooked meal, it will make a difference and mark the beginning of better things to come.

Try to improve on these strategies each week. This approach makes the transition easier and more sustainable.

2. Learn to read Labels

Reading food labels is crucial. Avoid products with long ingredient lists, especially those containing unfamiliar or unpronounceable ingredients.

You're not going to be able to avoid eating packaged food altogether and you don't have to. There are heaps of healthy and whole foods that are packaged (think lentils, chickpeas, rice etc)

When reading labels, choose foods that have very minimal ingredients - for example; lentils only have lentils as the ingredient, pasta only has about 2 ingredients; flour and water, same goes for rice noodles.

The least amount of ingredients a product has, the "cleaner" it is considered. Opt for items with only a few ingredients and simple, natural ingredients to ensure you're eating clean.

3. Cook at Home More Often

Cooking at home allows you to control what goes into your food. There's literally tons of clean recipes out there these days and plenty that are free and easy to search for; so you have plenty to choose from.

Try to make your meals from scratch (or as close to) for the cleanest results - this means making sauces / gravies / dressings etc from scratch or choosing ones that have minimal processing and the most natural ingredients. Trying to make meals with as many wholefoods and fresh produce as possible.

If cooking is something you're not too familiar with or you're pressed for time; Start with simple recipes and use your days off / spare time to gradually experiment with new, healthy dishes.

4. Stay Hydrated with Clean Drinks

Clean Eating includes Clean Drinking! Replace sugary drinks and sodas with filtered water, herbal teas, and fresh juices. Don't buy pre-made juices from the supermarket - these are not fresh or clean. Always drink filtered water and add some citrus or berries to it for a hint of flavour.

Staying hydrated with clean beverages is an important part of your Clean Eating journey, it supports overall health and can aid in digestion, energy levels, and even weight management.

5. Plan Your Meals

The key to cooking at home more often is meal planning. This can make Clean Eating much more doable and can eliminate a lot of overwhelm when you know what to cook, when you're going to cook it and what to shop for.

It doesn't take much to set aside some time each week and plan your meals and create a shopping list for the week ahead. By shopping and planning a week ahead, you'll be super organised and motivated to make more home cooked meals.

This method reduces the temptation to buy takeaways or unhealthy convenience foods. If you'd like to try out some meal planners - here are some I recommend

Clever fox weekly meal planner This is a hard covered meal planner with shopping list

Sweetzer and Orange weekly meal planner and grocery list magnetic note pad - attach to your fridge for your weekly planned meals and tear off the shopping list section.

Authentigo Meal Planner - A hard covered weekly meal planner with grocery list, recipe pages and budget planner.


There you have it! Embracing Clean Eating is a journey that can start with small steps, building up over time. By focusing on whole foods, reading labels, cooking at home, choosing clean drinks and planning your meals, you can create lasting, healthy habits.

Why not start making some small changes today?

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grilled meat on black pan
grilled meat on black pan